Jack Attack

Another fun way to play bowls

How Jack Attack Works

Format of play 1

Below are the guidelines of how Jack Attack is played:

Two bowl triples (with teams able to be register for more players to accommodate forabsentees and/or busy working lives).

Substitutions permitted.

Two sets of five ends with a sudden death tie-breaker if needed.

Approximately 60-90 minutes in duration for a match.

The season to be four weeks in length.

Results and scoring

Scoring is traditional bowls format where shots for closest bowls are worth 1 point each, additional closest bowls from the same team score additional points.

Winning a set is worth two points.

Drawing a set is worth one point to each team.

Winning a tie-breaker is worth two points.

Cumulative shots also count for tied ladders.

Rules of play

Players can participate in consecutive order (one bowl at a time) or they can play out of turn, whichever they prefer, eg. Last end winner gets to throw the jack and bowl first.

All players remain at the mat end to ensure the social atmosphere is maintained.

Each team gets to have one power-play per set. A power-play is where the score is doubled for that end. This is to be nominated before the first bowl is played that end.

Jack in the ditch is re-spotted on the “T”.

Result of each end is declared by a facilitator and recorded on the score card.


Team entry is $15 per team ($5pp) per night. Includes bowls hire and tuition.

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