At South Oakleigh Bowling Club Inc (SOBC or so herein referred to as the “Club”), we are building an inclusive club to help realise our vision to be a club of excellence and of choice. We see the great potential of our club to bring people of all walks of life and the surrounding community together in a safe and fun environment. We embrace our differences and apply our diverse thinking to delivering new and innovative ways to our club members. We welcome and encourage membership from all people. 

Everyone is treated equally and with respect, regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

 Code of Conduct

 Membership to observe and comply with the Club's Code of Conduct:

1. It is expected that members and visitors of the Club will at all times:

2. Respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion;

3. Refrain from any forms of harassment or discrimination which under no circumstances will be tolerated.

4. Be friendly, courteous and respectful towards other members, visitors and staff;

5. Respect teammates, opponents, officials and the rules of the game;

6. Refrain from behaviour that would bring the game or the Club into disrepute;

7. Refrain from behaviour that could offend or embarrass others;

8. Do not use abusive language.

9. Members, visitors and guests will consume alcohol and will be served in line with the rules and regulations under the Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines and comply with any liquor license requirements. If staff or licensee decide to discontinue serving of alcohol you will accept the decision without complaint. Members will be responsible for their guests.

10. The use or consumption of illicit drugs on the Club’s property is strictly prohibited;

11. Respect the positions of office bearers, committee members and employees of the Club. No abuse, threats or intimidation will be acceptable.

12. At all times conduct themselves in a manner that does not reflect unfavourably on the Club;

13. Ensure the Club environment is free from any anti-social behaviour (on and off the Green) which prevents others from taking part and getting active;

14. Observe and obey smoking restrictions, particularly no smoking on or around the Green or in the Clubhouse. Smoking to be contained within delegated smoking areas;

15. Limit noise and show respect for our neighbours especially when leaving late at night.

Cyber Bulling

Cyber Harassment, Abuse, Stalking or Trolling will not be tolerated nor will the use of social media or online platforms for what is deemed to be harassment, detrimental or defamatory to the Club or its members.

Digital Imaging

SOBC, from to time, may take photos and videos for use in publicity material and to share across our social media platforms.”

Working with Children

 If you wish to volunteer to work with children and run school bowling programmes, a Working With Children Check is mandatory, prior to any engagement with children a copy of the approval is be sighted and held at the Club. For details see:

Treat the property and facilities of the Club with respect:

 • No drinking or glassware and food on the greens;

• Do not sit or stand on the edges of the greens;

• Appropriate footwear only on the greens (flat shoes or bare feet);

• Causing willful damage to the Club or the Club’s property will not be tolerated;

• The greens are to be respected and cared for, and to be utilised for the purposes of bowls as they are intended;

• Children to be supervised at all times by a responsible adult and kept safe. The Club does not assume the responsibility of monitoring children's behaviour. However, if unattended children engage in disruptive behaviour that may result in harm or damage to the Club's property or disrupt the enjoyment of other members, parents will be asked to intervene and supervise their children accordingly. It is important for parents to take appropriate action in such situations to ensure the smooth operation of the Club and to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable environment for all members. Failure to do so, will evoke a breach of the code of conduct;

• If last to leave, ensure all doors (clubhouse and shed) are locked and lights and air conditioning/heating is turned off;

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

 The Board at South Oakleigh Bowling Club has the authority under the provisions of Rule 9-Expulsion, Suspension or Fining of Members, of the Club’s Constitution to impose and enforce any of the above conditions. Actions that have been considered to be a breach or failure to comply may result in disciplinary action or in the termination of membership at the full discretion of the Board.

Privacy Collection Notice:

 You understand that the personal information you have provided in your membership application is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the South Oakleigh Bowling Club Privacy Policy (available at and Bowls Victoria Privacy Policy (available at

• You acknowledge that South Oakleigh Bowling Club and Bowls Victoria may use and disclose your personal information for the purposes of conducting and administering bowls and other related activities across Australia, providing you with member services or promotional material, complying with legal obligations or otherwise in accordance with their privacy policies.

• You agree that South Oakleigh Bowling Club and Bowls Victoria may share your information with each other, Bowls Australia and other third parties such as your contact details (name, email and/or postal address, phone number), date of birth, gender, qualifications or communication history. However, your information is not generally disclosed to anyone outside Australia.

• You understand that South Oakleigh Bowling Club and Bowls Victoria privacy policies contain information about how you may access and request correction of your personal information held by South Oakleigh Bowling Club and Bowls Victoria or make a complaint about the handling of your personal information, and provides information about how a complaint will be dealt with by South Oakleigh Bowling Club and Bowls Victoria.

• If you do not wish to receive promotional material from South Oakleigh Bowling Club and/or Bowls Victoria sponsors and third parties you must advise us via email or telephone or via the specific opt-out procedures provided in the relevant communication from time to time.